The Valintine Proposal

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Genre: romance/ holiday fiction/ clean

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The Valentine Proposal

Can Love Be 10 Years in the Making?

Award-winning photographer Mason Montgomery is back in Pine Valley, Kentucky. Hopefully, for good, if his business proposal is accepted. On paper, he’s the perfect buyer for Forget-Me-Not Photography. Too bad the seller, Ol’ Man Rowe, doesn’t see it that way. He’s looking for a family man to take over, and Mason’s bachelor status doesn’t fit the bill.

For shy Lily Anne Dawson, life has not turned out the way she’d hoped. Working at her mother’s bakery and editing for the local newspaper is a far cry from her journalistic dream. She’s a failure. A lonely failure worrying about infertility with no romantic prospects in sight.

That all changes when a decade-old promise to marry on Valentine’s Day pushes the two together at their high school reunion. The impromptu proposal offers a solution to their problems. But marriage requires honesty—and both have secrets. Secrets that could make or break their budding love.


 About the Author

Beth Pugh

 Beth Pugh was born and raised in the rolling hills of eastern Kentucky, Beth Pugh learned early on that nothing compares to a home cooked meal, front porch sitting, and Sunday morning church services. Through a random ICQ chat, she met her husband and they’ve been embracing those family traditions for years. Now, she hopes to share those same traditions with her son and her readers. She has seen God turn her greatest grief into indescribable joy and tells everyone she meets about the goodness of the Father—sometimes multiples times in one sitting if there’s coffee and donuts involved. She has been published by The Good Men Project, Scary Mommy, Sasee, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Lexington Herald-Leader, and On Parenting at The Washington Post. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her jamming out in the parent pick-up line, reading on the couch, or cheering for the Chicago Cubs just like her daddy taught her to do. Sometimes, her characters do those things, too.

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Typically, my review blogs have more information, but I thought that since Beth is a new author, a little getting-to-know-you interview was in order. So enjoy.


Melissa : Beth, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this and say congratulations on this wonderful debut novel.

What inspired The Valentine Propsal?

BethHallmark and high school. When I started writing the Pine Valley Holiday series, I knew very little of what each book would be about other than I wanted them to read like a Hallmark movie. I’m a sucker for a sweet love story! One night while I was trying to go to sleep, I kept thinking of what I could plot around Valentine’s Day and a conversation between two of my high school friends popped in my head. They had vowed if they were both unattached at their ten-year high school reunion they would get married. Both of them were married by that time, but I started thinking about what would happen if they made good on that promise and what that would look like. The two had alwavs been friends, but never dated, so it would have been interesting to say the least. It definitely made for a wild ride in the fictional world, especially when I threw February 14th in the mix. It was an extremely fun book to write.

Melissa : I definitly got Hallmark vibes from The Valentine Proposal. Even the title is Hallmarky. 

I noticed some very real-life elements as well. Was there any of this story that you pull from life exprience?

Beth : In The Valentine Proposal, Lily Anne struggles with a fear of failure and that is something I have trouble with as well. While I was editing this book, I was preparing to take the exit exam of my Masters program. Terrified is an understatement. While I was writing Lily Anne, I was living out her fear, too.

Melissa : My daughter struggles with anxity also so those moments when Lily Anne began to have an attack, I saw it right away.

With this being your debut, what was your favorite part about the writing process?

Beth : Drafting. The first draft is always the most for me. Editing is exciting but much more intense. I enjoy both parts, but discovering how the story needs to go, what the characters want, and their backstories amaze me!

Melissa : I agree, and those characters, did they get away with you?

Beth : All the time! They continually surprise me with their antics!

Melissa : Mine do the same. The stinkers.

What was one thing you wished you had known before you began your writing journey?

Beth : I wish I had known how much fun writing a book would be. I would have tried to do it so much sooner! Publishing has been a crazy ride but it’s been so fulfilling! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I have been given.

Melissa : I can agree with you on that.

So, every author has their procastination vice…what is yours?

Beth : TikTok. It’s a black hole I can’t help but fall into 🤣.

Melissa : And that is where I found you! Your Tok’s are cute though.

A little rapid fire …

What is your hot drink of choice – tea, coffee, hot cocoa?

Beth : Coffee

Melissa : Snack choice – Salty, Sweet, or both?

Beth : Sweet

Melissa : Favorite time period to read about – historical, contemporary, or is time slip your thing?

Beth : Contemporary

Melissa : Favorite Season – winter, spring, summer, fall?

Beth : Fall

Melissa : What is your writing style – plotter, panster, or plotster?

Beth : Panster

Melissa : For those who don’t know, a Panster is someone who just starts writing without much of a plot. Might have the basics, but the story is pretty organic.

Just a couple more questions…

What was your favorite book as a child?

Beth : The Giving Tree. The grade school librarian, Mrs. Belcher, read it over and over to me. I adored that book! I still do!

Melissa : Good old Shel Silverstine. I love “Where the Sidewalk Ends” as well as the “Giving Tree”.

Lastly, Whats next in your writerly world?

Beth : Book 2 of the Pine Valley Holiday, The Santa Run, will be releasing in September. After that, it’s a little up in the air. I’m writing Book 3 and hoping it will be coming to readers eventually, too.

Melissa : Well, I wish you all the luck in the world on your future endevors in writing. I know how difficult it can be when you first venture out but it sounds like you have already created quite a following.

The Valentine Proposal is a sweet read that will give you all the feels of a tender romance movie. The characters where believable as they navigated their insecurities while planning a wedding. I particularly liked the healing of broken relationships that occurred throughout the story. It’s vital to a future marriage to make sure not to take that baggage with you.



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