Blessings in a Bargain release week

We don’t always agree, but we still get along.

As many of us have shared this week, we all have that friend that we might not see eye to eye with but for some reason we manage to still get along. I would say that is a sign of true maturity not just in Christ but as a human being. Not everyone is going to agree with you and you are not going to always agree with others. But how we handle those disagreements speaks volumes to the people around us. 

My friend Tara has a very different background and life than mine which has altered her perspective and opinions that are almost entirely opposite of me in almost every way. The only thing that we do agree on is that Christ died for our sins and is worthy of every praise we can give. And that is about where it stops. Our political views, our relationship views, our child raising views, and our medical views are all completely different. It makes topics of conversation very interesting sometimes but at the end of the day I’d like to say that we learn from each other. If nothing else, we learn how others live their lives in this crazy world.

Sure she and I have things in common, we’re both mothers of boys. And we found camaraderie in the fact that we both know what it’s like to raise our children on our own. (yes I am married, but my husband’s job has him away from the house for days at a time so I have raised our kids almost entirely by myself.) because we are in a similar place in our spiritual walk as well as in life, our differences don’t seem to matter. We know that the first Tuesday of every November that we’re going to vote differently, but we don’t try to convince each other to vote the way we will be voting. We don’t argue about topics facing our world, we have discussion that many times has no resolution. That’s OK.

See I have learned through our friendship that we each have to be comfortable with our choices and even though I might not be comfortable with her choices, I’m only in charge of what I do and how I think or behave. Even though she and I are both Christians, that does it mean that I have permission to drop my guard and not live out my Christian walk the way I feel like I should. The same goes for her. The best part about our friendship is that neither of us are needing anything from the other person –we don’t need each other’s advice, not often at least, and we don’t need each other’s help in various areas. We both kind of sense when the other person might need a phone call and we do it, we pick up the phone and we reach out. There’s an understanding that we both lead very busy lives and can’t always meet every week for coffee or lunch. But a phone call costs nothing when we feel like a friend just needs to talk.

This is true friendship.

Interview with Kari Trumbo

I have asked each of the Independence Islands authors to share some of their thoughts about their time on the islands. Enjoy!


What has been your greatest joy writing this series?

Honestly, testing my ability to write contemporary stories. I mostly wrote historical fiction until this series, but I feel much more comfortable writing contemporary now.

What was your hardest struggle writing those series?

Keeping each story different from not only your own books, but those of the other authors. Or if we did use similar tropes to still keep the story very different.

Who was your favorite character(s)?

​That is a really tough call. It’s a tossup between Fay and Courtney, but I kind of loved Corbin.
What are you working on now that it is time to leave the Independence Islands?
I’ve got lots of projects in the works. I’m considering a 7 book contemporary cowboy romance series featuring former military heroes who make a pact with each other to try to win back the ‘women who got away’. That will be for 2023, in 2022 I’m finishing my Belle Fourche Chronicles series of 4 books surrounding a feud between two rival families.

Blessings in the Bargain

About Blessings in the Bargain

Despite a career in logistics, Courtney is unprepared to get lost at sea…

A fated trip to the docks with her closest pal Annie leads to disaster. Ship Captain Lex Ford agrees to take Courtney and two of her friends on what was to be a quick trip to test a new boat. A dangerous storm traps them against a reef, damaging communications and stranding them at sea.

Lex knew this was a bad idea…

He hated having people on his ship with him. Ever since his partner left, he doesn’t share his life with anything but the seagulls. So, when Courtney’s friend Rafe offers him a deal on a new boat, he’d rather ignore the offer.

His heart isn’t ready for how he feels about Courtney, and watching her brave the elements after the storm makes him want to protect her. But the last woman he loved just walked away. And what about their age gap? He’s far older than her. The Lord is good at turning bad situations for good, but can even He make this mess right?

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

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