Time for a change in scenery

For me, The Independence Islands Series has come to an end. Sure there are a couple more books in the series to publish, but my part is now complete. I want to thank everyone who has been with me throughout this journey and helped me promote the series. If you follow me on social media or you subscribe to my newsletter, you know that you will still hear about it for a couple more months. Getting to know each of these characters has been both eye-opening and entertaining. I hope you enjoyed everyone’s story as much as I did.

If you’ve read Delicious Devotion, then you caught a glimpse of a new character, Ike, who will lead into this new series. His story won’t come to light for a couple of years, though you will see glimpses of him in the next couple of books.

We are traveling to The Suamalie Islands. 

 Kiana, Lulu, and Meilani are three bridal consultants making their own way in the world through their all-inclusive wedding company, Something Suamalie
Today, you get to see the cover of the first book, An Unexpected Gift.

Kiana is an oxymoron of sorts as she cruises around the island on a moped in a business suit, but the one constant is how she relaxes at the end of a long day and the level of order she surrounds herself with. She has no time for mistakes or changes in plans; forget about romance—there just isn’t enough time in the day. That is until the early arrival of one of the groomsmen of Something Suamalie’s first booking throws everything off balance, including her thoughts on long-distance dating.

Beau was perfectly content with his job and the growing attraction to another; however, he hadn’t figured in the sassy and sometimes unprofessional wedding planner. Seeing her world begin to unravel while she and her partners plan two weddings tugs at his heartstrings, leaving him second-guessing his choices in the romance department.

Without further ado…

Isn’t it beautiful?

I know it’s another island series, but it’s a different set of islands with a different set of issues and a whole lot of the romance and drama that you’ve come to expect. This series will have a more relaxed feel than the last, so I hope you enjoy it and will join me on this journey. It is sure to be something blissful.