Where The Treasure Lies release week fun

Sometimes God’s greatest gift is a change in plans. 

In Where Treasure lies, the main characters arrive in the Suamalie Islands thirty years apart, but they both have epically lousy first days on the island paradise. Nothing goes according to plan. But sometimes even the worst travel woes can end in our greatest blessings!

Confession: I don’t get to travel as much as I would like. Because I don’t get to travel far from home very much, I plan meticulously as many details as possible and try to take into account every hiccup that could come to light. This doesn’t make the trip bearing, but I do not take changes in plans well sometimes. Especially when it is important to me and my family. 

One trip, in particular, was an anniversary trip to Georgia. Our family had stopped in Savannah for a day and night on our way to Florida, so getting back there has always been a desire for both of us. In 2017, we saved money and made plans to ride down on our Harley, making a point to take time to ride the Dragon in Pennsylvania. I would need to pack simply and lightly, as would my husband. We kept an eye out for Air B & B’s to visit when I started hearing the news that hurricanes were expected to be bad that year. We ignored it and proceeded with the planning, but then things started to fall apart. It became harder to save money which prevented us from getting a room for the days we wanted to go. Defeated, we decided to go north to Mackinaw Island instead because it could be a day or two trip and my husband could use his hotel points. 

While we were enjoying a coffee, listening to along Lake Huron waves crash against the chilly sand with the island coming to life on the horizon, the news announced the reason why God thwarted our plans. Hurricane Irma hit Savanah and Tybee Island, flooding every place we planned to visit. It broke my heart to see the images on the screen, but I was grateful for the change of plans. 

When plans change, I’ll never be too disappointed again. 

Where The Treasure Lies (Suamailie Islands: Year 1)

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Two stories…thirty years apart. Will solving the mystery of the past provide the key to the present?

Scott Connelly arrives in the Suamalie Islands determined to acquire property for his father and leave as soon as possible. But he doesn’t count on the animosity of the residents, the fascinating local legend of a sunken Spanish treasure ship, or the highly unavailable waitress who comes to his rescue. The fabled treasure promises to buy his freedom, but even seeking it may be a dangerous risk.

News of her father’s death precedes Tavia Connelly’s arrival in the Suamalie Islands. Despite the hatred of the island residents, Tavia’s determined to settle her father’s affairs and return immediately to assume her role as head of the family company. But her father’s wishes require her to find out what happened long ago, given only Scott’s mumbled clues, crazy rumors, and a centuries-old fable.

Tavia should be safe after all those years, but her presence attracts a lot of resentment, and the ghosts of Scott’s enemies may still lie in wait for someone to come searching for a treasure that may have never existed.

But what if it did?

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.


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