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A series is born

When I began writing What God Brings Together, I fully intended to be a stand-alone (not part of a series). I thought that Ryan/David and Emma’s story was powerful enough. My readers had other ideas. And a lot of questions. Readers became so invested in the story that they wanted to see more. The result of that was What God Brings Together: A Christmas Wedding and the series Promises From Above was born. You can’t just stop with two books in a series, so here we are, about to get to know characters you meet in the first two books. Right?

Promises from Above is based on various verses from the Bible.  The stories show characters, not just learning something within the walls of their church, but applying them in their daily life. They learn the promises God has for each of us and see the light that each promise brings.

Dance and Be Glad

The next novel in the series (if you hadn’t already guessed) is called “Dance and Be Glad”. The verse for this story is….

Then the young woman will rejoice with dancing, while young and old men rejoice together. I will turn their mourning into joy, give them consolation, and bring happiness out of grief.

~Jerimiah 31:13 (HCSB)


Michael and Jillian had a  love like that of  Romeo and Juliet when they were younger. The feud between their families forced them to keep their relationship secret. Though neither of them suffered the same ending as the famed Shakespearian tragedy, their time together did. Their lives took them in different directions – she went to a reputable performing arts college and danced with some well-known dance companies while he went on to become a respected doctor. She became the wife and later, a widow, of an Army sergeant. He claimed bachelorhood after a failed marriage. When their paths cross again over a decade later at the wedding of some mutual friends, they enjoy their short time of catching up. An alarming call to Michael puts a halt to their reunion and he is pulled from the wedding early.

Now, Michael struggles with the changes in his life, becoming angry with the loss in his freedom and in his family. Jillian goes through life feeling cold and lifeless despite having the love of her beautiful daughter while fulfilling her dream of owning a dance studio. Both have a hard time seeing the joy and beauty in their lives, always being proverbial wall-flowers.  Michael and Jillian must learn to look past the grief and hardships to find joy in life that God has given them. If not, they will miss out on what could be a beautiful future.

Let’s Celebrate

Though the release for this book isn’t until the end of spring of 2016 ( I hope), a cover is needed! So in celebration to starting another journey, we are going to have a contest.

Below you will see four cover mock-ups. What is a cover mock-up you may ask? Well, they are cover ideas put together by my amazing cover designer, Ruthie Madison of Madison Designs, for me to decide which I like best but they are not the final draft.

Each mock-up is simply labeled A,B,C,D. All you need to do is vote for your favorite below.

Now here is the catch, if you leave a comment below, and are a subscriber, you will be entered into a random drawing for an Amazon gift card.  AWESOME! RIGHT!?

So, get voting and have a blessed day!!!


A – Embracing couple – Silhouette


B – Couple holding hands


C- Couple dancing w/ children’s legs danceing


D – Couple Embracing


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