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The Biker and The Bookworm

       In A Heart for News, Margo shies away from experiences she calls “dangerous pursuits.” Steve is a race car driver seeking thrills to get him back on track. How can these two ever get together? 
      My husband and I are poster children for “opposites attract”. We laugh while on our anniversary trips because there is so much that we enjoy that is different or the opposite of the other. He likes bacon and hamburgers while I enjoy lighter cleaner, foods like sushi and salads. He likes watching movies at a higher decibel while I enjoy peace and quiet. He likes to go out on the lake with his kayak so he could fish, I would rather paddle around or coast on the water. He likes the seclusion of the woods while I prefer being planted in the sand ocean side.
     About a half-hour drive from where we live, there’s this cute little town called Frankenmuth. If you look it up, you’ll see that it looks like a Little Bavaria. Full of quaint shops, German crafters, and several food and drink establishments that are unlike anything you would find in a typical small town. 
     They also have a large used book store and while one town over had a Harley dealership (now if you follow me on social media or know my husband and me personally, a grin just formed on your face). 
    During our first year visiting Frankenmuth together, we discovered the used book store. He bought me a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo, Pride and Prejudice, and The Little Princess (for our little princess). My husband even took a picture of me perusing the bookshelveswhile he found a little corner that housed a comfortable chair. After purchases were made, we walked around the town some more before deciding it was time to head home. Dinner time is approaching, and the famous Tonys I75 Restaurant and their famous BLT sandwich was calling my darling. On our way to the restaurant, my husband sees the famous orange and black sign on the road and says, “We looked at your hobby, now it’s time to look at mine.”
    We walked in there, only planning to look at the various models of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Two hours later, we walked out with a road king.
    Every year we visit Frankenmuth, the biker and the bookworm compromises for their anniversary. Last I heard, the Harley dealership has closed but I can’t say the same for my favorite little used bookstore.
    Isn’t this the way it goes though? Two people with opposite interests find a way to compromise so they each enjoy their time together. If it doesn’t, maybe it should. We still laugh and we still want each other’s company, despite our differences.

A Heart For News: Year One (Suamalie Islands Book 4)

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Will a heart for news get a scoop on love?

Though Margo Durand invests her whole heart into working for her family’s newspaper, her father refuses to modernize, and she harbors a secret fear of approaching interviewees and all things dangerous—except riding her Vespa everywhere. But when Margo follows evidence that two government officials are corrupt, Margo discovers danger, intrigue, and a legal sort of blackmail.

Professional race car driver, Steve Grayson, arrives to finish recuperating and overcome his fear of getting back on the track while pursuing his desire to open a race car driving school on Le Cadeau Île. If he can find the money and convince the owner to sell.

When Margo’s best friend sets Margo up with Steve as a tour guide, conveniently forgetting to tell him Margo is a reporter, they tour the islands until Steve is willingly dragged into the investigation. The investigation only opens new questions, creates new trials, and has the potential to destroy their budding romance.

Does pursuing a relationship just before he leaves to take part in one last racing season even make sense?

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.



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