Faith, Fiction, & Coffee – these three things are at the very center of what helps me functioning each day.

Faith – my firm belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and came to this world to bridge the gap between God and man is not just part of something I believe. I live it to the best of my ability. “This is more than a Sunday thing.”

Fiction – I love fiction. I’ll read almost any novel if I have time. That’s why I chose to write fiction over non-fiction. When I found other authors drop biblical truths in the middle of a story to minister to the reader in an unassuming way, I said, “I want to be part of that.” So, here I am, sharing the heart of Christ through works of fiction.

And last but not least…

COFFEE – I’m human, not a saint. Everyone needs something to give them that morning boost to catapult them into the day.
So, if you’ve read this far, thank you for letting me into your time and hearing the heart of this crazy author.

I appreciate you. Be blessed.

New Release 

An Unexpected Gift (Suamalie Islands #7)

An Unexpected Gift (Suamalie Islands Book 7)

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Genre – RomanceAn Unexpected Gift

Trope – Unknown Identity/”You’ve Got Mail”

About the Book

Something’s up in Suamalie, and it’s looking like love!

When Kiana, Lulu, and Meilani decide it’s time for the islands to have affordable wedding options, Something Suamalie becomes the marriage of skills, friendship, and wedding splendor on the islands.

Cruising around the island on a Moped in a business suit may seem incongruous, but Kiana knows how to blend practicality and professionalism, a strong work ethic and relaxation. With no time for mistakes or changes in plans, she’s also decided to forgo romance (for herself). There just isn’t enough time in the day. That is until the early arrival of one of the groomsmen of Something Suamalie’s first booking throws everything off balance, including her thoughts on long distance dating.

Beau was perfectly content with his job and the growing attraction to a girl back home; however, he hadn’t figured in the sassy and sometimes unprofessional wedding planner. Seeing her world begin to unravel while she and her partners fumble with their first weddings tugs at his heart strings and leaves him second guessing his choices in the romance department. 

She’s a study in opposites. He’s attracted. So now what do they do?

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.


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