Birthing a novel

I have heard many an author say that writing and publishing a novel is like giving birth and the nine months that it has taken to bring this book to light is proof of it.

I started writing “Dance and Be Glad” in September 2015 and more than a quarter of the way through writing, life happened and we started a new co-op, dance classes, and basketball season. All that plus everything else on my plate hindered  me from making decent progress. Weeks would go by before I could sit and write. Thanks to my darling husband and my understanding kids, I was eventually able to carve out at least one day a week to write. It still wasn’t often enough for me to get a good feel for the story and I grew to hate it.

Labor Intensive

In January, I was finally able to commit to it and a story started to form; a story I liked. The struggle didn’t end there. Then came editing, covers, formatting, and loading. It has been one struggle after another but once I read some of the reviews that are already coming in, I knew I had something.

So, without further ado – I give you “Dance and Be Glad”

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When I have the paperback prepared and ready, I’ll let you all know. Hopefully before the end of the week it will be available on Amazon.