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She just informed me that starting today through February 17th, the first two books in the Girls of Wonder Lane series are Free! This is done in celebration of the third book, Curiouser, which can be pre- ordered now for $3.99. Click here to go to her Amazon Author Page and pick up your copies.  You do not want to miss this amazing series.



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Sara is an author I have not had a chance to feature yet, but I will be.

If you enjoy YA and historical fiction, you will not want to miss this opportunity.

Her first book “The Smugglers Gambit” is Free for a short time. The Second book, “Captured in the Caribbean” is only $0.99. Finally, you can pre-order the third book, “Murder in the Marsh” for only  $4.99 – picked these up for me and my boys. I know they will love them.

A bit about the series (taken from Amazon)

Seventeen-year-old Adam Fletcher is no stranger to fist fights, but when he bloodies the nose of the obnoxious son of Port Beaufort’s customs agent, the local magistrate offers Adam two choices: jail or an apprenticeship.

Choosing the latter, he soon finds himself bound apprentice to a reclusive old man with a secret, colorful past. Although Adam is less than thrilled about his new situation, when he is asked to spy on his master as a suspected smuggler, he has to decide where his loyalties lie. Will he perform his civic duty to the Crown, or will he do whatever is necessary to protect the old man, possibly putting even his own family in danger?

Secrets will be revealed, loyalties will be questioned, betrayals will be uncovered, and a young man’s character will be put to the test in The Smuggler’s Gambit.

The Smuggler’s Gambit is the first book in the Adam Fletcher Adventure Series of historical fiction novels. If you like fast-moving adventures, impetuous young heroes, suspense-filled plots, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Sara Whitford’s entertaining series!