So just a few months ago (August I believe), I reconnected with an old high school friend of mine. We had taken completely different life paths. She went to college, probably mastered in everything she did, graduated and went off to Russia. Me? Well, I got married right out of high school and started having babies. I became a stay at home mom who homeschools her kids. ( Totally different, right?)FB_IMG_1447085230101

Well, in our reconnecting, she informed me she was writing a novel. I was so excited for her. I admired her for having a dream and shooting for it. I envied her freedom to be able to have time to sit and write. I began to feel sorry for myself because I had no real time for me. Even when I would sit down to read, it was always hit and miss and I had to wait until everyone went to bed. (I love my family, don’t get me wrong. But being a SAHM/W is not easy.)

One day, I was praying, well honestly I was complaining, and I got a clear message, “No one is stopping you from writing but you. I gave you the gift, now use it.” So I got out of my way and started.

I had had a story line build up for weeks on my 20-minute drive to take my kids to dance class. One day I just started typing it out. I was hard at first to find time to write, especially once school started around here. All I wanted to do was write and see where it went.

Around mid-September, I had just finished a book, that I don’t even remember because all I would think about was writing my book, I decided not to read another book until mine was done.

Sure enough, I was done by the first of October and it was off to my proof-readers. And so far, 3 of the 5 are saying they are enjoying it.

This journey is so amazing and I am finding that in every situation, the spark for a new story is there. A nice man helping me at the grocery store brought on an idea, My dog losing his eye and the trauma my poor daughter went through caused me to put a pet/family element into the book I just finished. My favorite story idea in is the one I am working on now that will result in a series of books, possibly.

This writing experience has been such a blessing and I can not wait to see what God does with it.

As long as I keep in mind that everything I write is to honor my relationship with Jesus Christ and bring Him glory and I let Him control where it goes from here, I know without a shadow of a doubt that this will be a success.

John-Mark Kuznietsov