I put “I Know the Plans” on the back burner for a bit while I worked on my novelette for CelebrateLit’s Spring Wedding set but I think I am going to pick it back up for November’s NaNoWrMo 2016.


What is NaNoWrMo?

NaNoWrMo is actually “National Novel Writing Month”. It is a month dedicated to writing 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. Many writers use this time to kick start a new novel. I am using it to revive one.  I have a good start on it right now, but only the first chapter and a half. I’d like to get most of it done before the end of the month so that I can release it to you in the spring.

What I need is a little help from my readers.

We know that the main two characters are “Tiffany and Brad Jones. You all met them in “What God  Brings Together” and saw them again in “A Christmas Wedding” and “Dance and Be Glad”.


Dimmick House – Owosso, MI

Now it is time for them to have their own story. It’s a sad one. One full of heartache, a bit of betrayal, and a whole lot of soul searching. Like the other books in the “Promises from Above Series”, a box of kleenex will be required.

Now, I know you picked up on the word betrayal. It is a sticky subject for sure, but I think it is one many couples deal with especially when one feels neglected by the other. In this story, Tiffany

will have her head turned ever so slightly by a young contractor whom she hires to help in the remodel of a historic home she bought to turn into a bed and breakfast. I have struggled with his name and I am need of some help in deciding.
My street team has helped me narrow it down to five names, I am hoping you can help me get it to one.
This guy has a troubled past that he is trying to move forward with his life. No matter where he goes, though, trouble finds him. This time, the unsuspecting young man becomes entangled in the bitter relationship between his employer and her Army husband. He truly is a good guy.

Now, why is his name so important to me?

You will see him in the fourth book in this series where he will finally see the purpose in his life.


Yes, this guy is not clean cut like the rest of my characters, but you will see that he wears his past like a badge to remind him where he came from and Who has redeemed him.

Below you will see the five names chosen. pick you favorite. I’ll leave this open until Friday, 10/21/16


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  1. Ann Ellison

    I lean toward Ty.

  2. Christy Maurer

    I voted for Wes because of Wesley on the Princess Bride 🙂 I’m doing NaNoWriMo too. Still pantsing it pretty much. I might do a middle grade fantasy or YA fantasy…same characters, one just might be scarier!

    • MelissaWardwell

      Thank you.
      That is one way to think of it. He does kind of have that attitude, especially with the ladies.
      Be sure to look me up on NaNo and feel free to add me.

  3. Trixi

    I liked Ryder, I think he looks like one….lol!

  4. Susan P

    Those are some good names!! I voted.

  5. Carrie Gould

    I think looks like a Ryder, too, si that is how I voted. I can’t wait to read this book!

  6. Brenda Murphree

    I like Ryder because it’s an update name. And I also like it cause my grandson’s name is Weston Ryder.

  7. L.A. McKee

    Love Ryder. It’s a rebel with a heart sounding name for sure and it suits the look of your character. Hope it wins! 😉

  8. lelandandbecky

    He looks like Ryder to me. I look forward to reading more of your books!

  9. Carol

    Wes! That is a good name for a charter that transitions. 😉

  10. Jan H

    I voted. Good luck with the story.

  11. Denise Glisson

    He looked like a Ryder to me too! Even though I’ve never heard of that name before. He also looks Irish to me.

    • MelissaWardwell

      Actually – he is Scotish/English/German and whatever else is on his mother’s side- lol.

  12. Linda Rainey.

    I liked Ryder.

  13. eppersonkatrina

    I chose Wes. This is a name that I have not seen often in books. Yep, I knew a Wes in school many years ago and he always seemed to try to fly under the radar, but wasn’t very successful. Seems like trouble just followed him around. I hope this helps.

  14. Daniel

    Definitely a more rebel name than the rest.

  15. Tracie

    Wes. It just sounds like a name of a character I’d like to read about. 🙂

  16. Pam

    I voted for Garrett. I thought he looked like a Ty at first but as I studied him a bit he seems more like Garrett to me.

  17. Andrea Byers

    I voted Wes, but I also like Garrett.

  18. goodkl86

    I like Ryder because it’s sounds a little edgy, which relates to the character you’re crafting.

  19. Nancy Bateson

    I am leaning toward Ben…the others don’t seem to suit him…some are too stuffy…others sound to old fashioned for this young man…I think his mama named him Benjamin because she was a bible reading mama and Benjamin was a good solid biblical name.