Prayer. It really does go a long way. Just when you think all hope is lost, one little prayer changes the direction of everything. Halleluia!!!!

For weeks, I have been going back and forth on the direction to take my next book. “Series? Stand- Alone? Do I shelf this one for a while and start another book? What will I use for a cover?(My first one fell through)” Oh, the worries have endless and was ready to throw in the towel altogether. Then I heard another great sermon by my pastor, and God reminded me that “When something is about to happen that will impact others in a good way and is ordained by God, Satan will throw doubt in the path to make the road bumpy.”

That little reminder gave me great motivation- Finish first draft by May 31st.  I also spent a lot of time in prayer about the other questions and asked my fellow writer friends what they thought and God used them in a great way. (“Just write the first draft, then decide.”)

That very same week, while stalling in my writing, I came across and image on Flicker by a photographer named Mary Farmer. She owns MFer Photography out of Atlanta, GA. I typed in keywords “Couple in Savannah” and up popped images of couples in Savannah. One picture, in particular, captivated my attention. There they were, my dark-haired protagonist (lead character in a movie or novel) sitting next to her leading man.  I read a bit more about the photo and seen it was taken in Forsyth Park, which is in the heart of Savannah (kind of). I was so excited. The position and placement were perfect for a cover without a bunch of editing. Now all I needed was permission to use it. That took much prayer as well. Mary could have told me, “Sure, but it will cost you your first born child.”  But she didn’t. I felt so blessed and honored that she would let this newbie in the writing community to use her photo.

After that, everything else seemed to fall into place. God has given me clear pictures of what to write and how to write this story of finding your way back to Him, no matter what kind of past you have and that it is possible to push through loss to find love again. I am confident I will have the first draft complete b the 31st (or at least around that date) and ready to start the first edit.

Moral of this story – When God gives you the vision, He will provide the means to make it happen the way He wants it to go.

cover image

***Nicole & Andrew in Forsyth Park Savannah, GA . Image by Mary Farmer of MFer Photography – Atlanta, GA