Wardwell37“Mud on the walls, coats on the floor and the sound of a Storm Trooper’s gun rings through the air.” This is just a small list of what you will find in a home with boys. This is my home.

My boys (as you can see in the picture) are older now. The oldest is now a teenager. My other son will be 12 soon. These two ham bones are two of the greatest joys of my life. They make me laugh, they make me cry, and yes, they make me mad. But you could never convince me that boys are bad.

I bet you think this is a fluffy blog about my cool boys- you think wrong. This blog is about how our female driven society in emasculating our men and boys. Want to see a perfect example, sit in on your son’s class in school. If you don’t have boys yet, look at how our media portrays men. (Sex symbol or perverts)

I was raised in a family full of men. I have more blood uncles and male cousins than I do aunts and female cousins. I have been babysitting and living with boys my whole life. My best friends were boys in school. Boys are not drama queens. They like things simple. They are funny. They are messy. They are loud. But they are also creative and ingenuitive and really do like hugs.

“My boys will never be exposed to guns!” you may say. Well, dearie, he has a Y Chromosome, you don’t have to expose him, he comes up with the concept all on his own. It is in his nature. Give your 3-year-old a stick and watch it turn into a gun.

I see many moms today try to make their young boys into prissy boys and they over protect them. They dress them in the latest fashions and then expect them to stay clean all the time. Girl, it doesn’t work. In school, they expect our boys to sit at a desk all day and not move around. If they do get wiggly, they have a problem like ADD or are just bad boys.

Our boys are not girls. They like fighting, guns, fast cars and motorcycles, fishing and hunting, sports, nature, fire and things that explode, ( if you know us, talk to my husband about rotten apples and a fire creakier) they laugh at farts and love to come up with ways to make their body make those sounds. And yes, mom, they are fascinated with female body parts. They are curious creatures. ( You just have to teach  them to not stare or touch) They get into mischief and they will scare us to death as mothers, but it is all part of who they are. And mom- YOU HAVE TO LET THEM DO IT! It’s how they learn. They touch, they move, and if they are really rambunctious, they will wear the mud pie, but it is okay because it will come out in the wash.

Just let your boy be a boy. The school system doesn’t give them much chance to be a boy ( they want to make an army of girls and the girls learn young that boys are bad- that has to stop too). So when they get home- let your sons run around the house for a few minutes. Let him play with his trucks and give him a few minutes to be loud and boisterous. Then bring them in to do his school work. It is okay to do.

Now I know not all boys are like this but for the most part, they are- if you let them.

And dads! Get involved! You know what it was like as a boy. Help him along. Teach him, guide him. Show him what it is to be a man (not a sexist pig) and encourage him.

The best advice I ever heard about raising boys was from Dr. Gary Dobson. He said,”From birth to age 3, mothers get to do all to so all the caring and teaching of our boys. But after that, mothers need to back off a little and let the dad step in.” (this is paraphrased a bit but it is basically what he said) A mother letting go of the teaching rains is a hard thing to do, but you have to.

We have to let our boys be boys. If they are naughty at school, teach them what is expected and remember, you have to tell a person 35 time how to do something before it clicks. So don’t get mad if last night you had a talk about not peeing on the walls at school and he did it again today. All he sees is it is fun. We have to teach our children those things and it takes time. It isn’t an instant thing.

If you can just be patient and understanding with your boys, you will be surprised at the little gems you have in your home. They have the ability to bring you such joy if you let them.

So let him get dirty and make gun sounds- it isn’t the end of the world. It is just the beginning of a brighter, funnier one.