Hello, readers!

I am writing you today to share with you the latest news in this crazy adventure God has me on.

After my last “Melissa’s Musings” blog post I was contacted by Joyce Graves over at Heart”Wings” blog about becoming a contributing blogger. God had placed on my heart in recent months that He was going to be stretching me a bit more. This was a stepping stone into whatever it is God has for  me so I prayerfully agreed.

Today is the first blog appearance on Heart”wings” Blog titled “Give Me Jesus” and I encourage you to stop over and have a look. It is a timely message about what has been on my heart over the last few months. Give-me-Jesus-P


Now, a little bit about Heart”wings”.

13900832_10210590606909306_1215029058_n  Heart”Wings” Blog is a blog that features different women from different backgrounds to share what God has placed on their “hearts” to share with readers. Some blog spots are fun while others can challenge you.

There is also Heart”wings” Women’s Fellowship that is a Facebook group. You won’t find it by searching for it as some very private issues are shared so that we women can com together and pray for one another.

Please feel free to click the highlighted titles to join this group or to see the blog. You’ll be glad you did.