Something New

September 19th, 2016 was more than just the important day for our daughter who turned 10 that day. I was also the day that I entered a contract with a new publisher. The company is not a new to you, though, as you have seen their logo on various blog posts for Back Porch Reads.  Celebrate Lit

CelebrateLit is a group of readers dedicated to the promotion of non-fiction and fiction Christian books. Now they are in the business of publication. I have had the privilege to get to know the organizers over the last few months as a reviewer for CL and I look forward to working with them on a new publication.

 I am about to become a very busy woman.

When Sandy, the founder of C.L., contacted me about writing a novellet for a project they wanted to put together that focused on spring weddings, I was immediately on board. You all know my background in the bridal industry and wedding planning, how could I not take part in this.
I will have the honor of working with two other amazing C.L. authors on this project and I look forward to what God does through this box set.

Does this mean “I Know the Plans” is on hold?

Clearly, this adds to my writing load. Thankfully, it does not mean that I will stop writing on book 3 in the Promises from Above series. We have all waited too long for “Tiffany & Brad’s” story.  It does mean that something has to be set aside. Who is the victim? – Reading and Reviewing. The summer was great as I was able to catch up on some reading that I had wanted to do for a while. Sadly, summer is over and fall has arrived and it is time to get back to work. There are voices in my head screaming their stories at me and demanding that they be heard (or read). I have 4 more book reviews slated to be posted for C.L. as well as a couple of my own and then that feed will be silent for a while. I am sure you will not complain. 🙂

What can you expect from this little story?

Well, I will save details for another blog spot but I will give you some photo hints. In about a week I’ll post something new about the project. In this story, you can expect to see a few old “friends” who many have been asking if I will ever bring them back in anything else. You are in luck.

Are you getting the idea? I think you can guess where it is taking place. What do you think about a Samoan hero and Rockabilly Lady?

So until next time, Happy reading!!!