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Mama and the kids

In Tropical Target, Noa’s mother cooks meals for her family, even though they’re adults. When asked if we had family gatherings, I admit there was a twinge of pain in my heart.

Rarely does my family get together for a meal. My husband is a career truck driver, and for the first ten years of his 20-year career, it was me and the kids. My parents and brother worked, and there isn’t a closeness with my husband’s side of the family. Outside of holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, there were no special gatherings.

That said, I cherish every evening I spent with my children. When my husband was gone, they picked out most of our meals, and almost every time, we paired them with one of the kids’ his favorite movies. We would alternate who chose the movie and the dinner, depending on how busy we were.

My oldest is 21, my second born Will be 20 soon, and my youngest just turned 17. I miss those days, and even though I would love to recreate some of the meals and movie times, I know I can only ask for it at Christmas. The children have their own lives, but I am proud of the young adults they are becoming. I firmly believe that those moments cooking kid-friendly meals like foot-long pigs in a blanket and watching how to train your Dragon instilled some glimpse of the importance of family Time.

Tropical Target (Suamalie Islands Book 8)

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Being accused of murdering a client isn’t good for business.

Tropical islands are popular for destination weddings. But Le Cadeau Île won’t be a popular destination for long if Detective Noa Tanielu can’t find out who is responsible for a ring of thefts occurring during weddings. When the thefts escalate to the murder of a bridezilla, the most likely suspect is the new wedding photographer.

Wedding photographer Haley Marsh moved to the island to nurse her broken heart and start over after being dumped two days before her wedding. When she’s moved from the suspect list to the target list, a little white lie leads to a fake engagement. With Haley’s connections to the wedding business, it’s clear the key to solving this case lies in keeping up the charade.

Noa and Haley must navigate the investigation and Noa’s mother’s attempts to make the engagement all too real…if they survive that is.

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.

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