What’s in a face?

(For the “release week of fun” for More Than A Heartthrob by Kari Trumbo, the authors posted make-up tips. this was mine.)

In keeping with the spirit of “Gram”, my tip doesn’t come from myself but my grandma A.

Grandma A was a sassy sort but she had very specific things she thought were proper. For example, “A woman never leaves the house without her purse, a hanky, or her lipstick perfectly applied.” I think she told me once that a woman was never fully dressed without her lipstick on. She never applied mascara or eyeshadow. It was just the lipstick and it was always the perfect shade.

Even when dementia robbed her memories, she still applied that lipstick and asked for her purse before leaving the house. It was in those moments that we all still got a glimpse of the lady she was.

About More than a Heartthrob

Whoever said beauty is only skin deep lied. Beauty begins from within.

Jazzy is comfortable in her own skin, but the world cringes at it. Her personal armor since her teen years, makeup hides the scars that make anyone who sees them wince. The true test of any friend is: will they accept her without it?

Chris races to Hooper Island to escape a life-altering situation. The only person he knows and can trust there is a woman he met once. It wasn’t a good meeting. Lost and lonely after being the center of attention in Hollywood, he won’t risk losing the one friend he has.

Befriending Chris poses a risk Jazzy is loath to take. If anyone will reject her for her scars, it’ll be a guy whose life is focused on beauty. But as she helps him work through his own problems and his struggles with faith, will she gather the courage to pluck the plank from her own eye?

Once alone and vulnerable, will Jazzy and Chris rely on one another? Or will the force of their polar opposite lives push them apart—for good.

More Than a Heartthrob continues the Hooper Island stories of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

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