Shoes, shoes — everywhere there’s shoes. Red shoes, blue shoes; short shoes, tall shoes; rounded toe shoes, pointed-toe shoes; dance shoes, running shoes. 

At nine months old, the little girl in the pink summer romper gazed in wonder at the towering wall of shoes in front of her. Her hazel eyes danced at the vision of glitter, pink, and fuzzy verity. She was mesmerized; no, hypnotized at the splendor.

Her mommy approached the stroller and knelt beside her. “Aren’t they pretty?” She asked her puffy cheeked baby girl. The child nodded. “What are they?” She coaxed the child as they had been working with her to begin using real words.

The girl pursed her heart-shaped lips and let out a “shhh” sound. She was trying. After several attempts, “sh- sh-shooooess” came out and the mommy celebrated that her daughter had just spoken her first word that wasn’t “dada” or “mama”.

The mother called her own mom to them as the little girl continued repeating the word, bringing laughter to all who heard her squeals of delight. Then the grandmother laughed in a cackling kind of way and looked to the little girl’s mother.

“You’re in trouble now.” And the woman walked away leaving her own daughter in a pool of worry.

Do you enjoy that story? I hope you did because my pocketbook has been empty ever since.

You see, that nine-month-old was my daughter (who is now 15 years old) and she has had a thing for unusual shoes her whole life. From pointe shoes to combat boots, stilettos to Leopard print converse – this young lady has had an eclectic taste in shoes. Thankfully, she is merciful to us, her parents, and only selects one or two funky pairs a year. The rest of the year it’s sensible shoes like purple tennis shoes for marching band practice or black slip-ons for when she is late.

This year, her favorite shoes have not been shoes at all but rather combat boots. She has paired them with an interesting array of styles the only leave me having flashbacks of my own high school years in the 90s. Her first day of school was a black skirt, a nirvana band shirt, and her Black combat boots. With her boyfriend’s hoodie wrapped around her waist, she darted for the car with a smile on her face.

Why do I share my daughter’s favorite shoes instead of my own like the rest of the authors have done? My answer is simple.


I am the complete opposite. Shoes are for suffocating my toes and squishing my feet. So even in the winter, you will find me roaming the house with socks on but no shoes. 

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse in the window to my life. This girl has definitely kept me hopping these fifteen years but now she has become a friend as well as a daughter. 

And yes, my mother did offer that word of warning.

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P.S. Want to know what my daughter’s second word was?


“What are you doing, sissy?” “I shopping.”

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