When I started writing last August, I thought one book would be all that I could get to in a year. Now, here it is a little over a year later and I have released two novels. What God Brings Together and Finding Hope in SavannahBoth of these books have boasting 5-star reviews of how the stories have touched them in some way. Some of them humble me.

My first novel, What God Brings Together, was such a story that readers had questions. Questions about “How can she forgive him?” “How did the children handle it?” and so on. I prayed for weeks on how to explain without preaching. The answer quickly became clear one night while I sat in front of my laptop. Another Book.

What God Brings Together: A Christmas Wedding is that book. This time, I wrote a novella. Everyone loves a short romance story to fit between the busyness of the holiday season, and this story provides all of that.

This story starts where Chapter 25 of the parent book leaves off.

Eight years of separation was more than enough for Emma and Ryan. It was time to reunite their family, just in time for Christmas. Their courtship was short, but it was more than enough. You will see the reality of forgiveness, even for the children, and the choice of refusing to hold on to things of the past and moving forward in whatever God has for them. resizedformelissa

Here are some of the things my early readers had to say about this story.

It’s truly amazing when we can lay aside the past and look at the future God has planned for us. Ryan and Emma’s story is definitely a story of forgiveness and healing, this is a picture of God’s love for us. ~ Deborah Dunson

This book was simply amazing in giving closure for us readers, while also letting the happy couple and their family ride off into the Heavenly sunset! ~ Kim Paulus

This was one story where I really didn’t want to miss out on the wedding. A beautiful story of reconciliation, and God’s amazing, healing grace in spite the curveballs life throws. ~ Carolyn Leggo

Clearly they have caught on to the theme of this story. Honestly, it is an important theme for all walks and situations in life.

Forgiveness is a choise we must all make, no matter the situation, in order to move into what ever God has instore for us.

So this holiday season, pray and evaluate your heart. There is great freedom in forgiving those who have wronged us.

Keep an eye out for the continuation of Ryan & Emma’s story on November 20th. You can find it on Amazon’s Kindle for only $0.99. You can pre-order your signed, paperback copy here.

Also, I am coming up on my 1-year anniversary. In celebration, I am hosting a Facebook party on December 4th from 4-8:30. If you are on Facebook, please make plans to be there.  There is a great list of authors whom I admire and have enjoyed their work.  I look forward to seeing you all there.
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